Top Nigerian Indigenous Artiste with Disgraceful YORUBALICALLY Wrong Lyrics.

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    Sometimes you Listen to some lyrics and you do be like….What??? What the f***k is he saying? As a typical yoruba boy i believe our so called artiste owe us the responsibility of digging Deep into the correct usage of the language, Not just Bursting anything that jumps to there head After taking Weed or Alcohol. Heard some lyrics by some top indigenous Act that i believe are wrong and i do decide to share it here…….

    1. Artiste – Seriki
    Song Title – Spartacus – Shyne ft 9ice, Pasuma, Seriki, Jaywon Splash,Reminisce and Smoothie
    Lyrics Error – ‘Anu mi se Awon Rappers, Awon rappers to fe bami Taka’…………

    When u say ‘anu mi se’ in yoruba it means Somebody in a better position than you were pities you. Seriki is suppose to say ‘Anu awon rappers yi se mi’ – which means I pity all this Rappers. Nobody above mistake though…….but what baffles me is that even with the Caliban of adept yoruba singers on that song like 9ice and alhaji Pasuma……Seriki still made that childish error on air, Cant they correct him? Make them no spoil Language for us oooo.

    2. Artiste – Davido
    Song Title – Ekuro
    Lyrics Error – Ekuro Lalaba ku ewa

    The real yoruba speakers knows Ekuro has nothing to do with Ewa [Beans] …Ekuro is a seed which secretes palm oil. in other words ‘Ekuo’ is the beans weavil…….its that tiny insect disturbing the peace of our beans…….So Please Help me tell Uncle Davido the correct usuage.

    more info loading………………………….

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